Please read bellow about the procedure to be followed for the start of the tourist season, which has been enormously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an unprecedented summer season not only for the island of Mykonos but also for the rest of Greece.


The countdown for the starting of the tourist season has already begun, as flights from and to all airports in the country have been allowed from Wednesday.

Once again, the government faces a difficult equation to be solved: on the one hand, tourist flow, especially to the islands, need to be encouraged in order to rescue the tourist season and avoid to be financially damaged.

On the other hand,protecting human life is an absolute priority. The authorities are also called upon to safeguard it, by limiting the spread of the virus as effectively as possible, as it must be taken for granted that “imported” cases shall arise.

After all, there are already some cases on islands, despite the fact that foreign flights have not been allowed yet and for this reason an entire treatment plan has been drawn up which even includes a total quarantine in case an island e.g.  become the center of propagation of the COVID-19 spread.
As announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, permanent ladders of the Armed Forces’ medical staff will be installed on the islands in the next three months, which will be fully responsible for the controls that will be carried out.

Every day, 60 targeted inspections will be carried out on flights coming from abroad, based on specific criteria and these data will be processed daily by the Civil Protection and ΕΟΔΥ ( National Public Health Organization), so that there is always an image of the cases, but also for epidemiological data concerning the origin of travelers, their age, etc.

Completing a special form for those entering the country

It is noted that all the flight passengers whose destination is Greece until August 31 shall fill out a special document, so that the authorities know their entire route and avoid the danger of citizens arriving in Greece from countries with heavy epidemiological burden through third, safe countries. Thus, the domestic authorities will know at any time which arrivals should be checked, even on a sample basis, since the risk will be evaluated based on the data declared by the passengers.

It is also reminded that from July 1, the borders will be opened at least for the EU countries and a number of third countries determined by the competent EU authorities, except for the USA, Britain, Sweden and Turkey.

If there are changes to this list, this will be the case from July 15, and from today, companies such as children’s camps, theater and cinema canteens, conference and trade fair companies, casinos, etc. will start operating again as well as artistic events (concerts, theatrical performances, etc.).